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September 14, 2012
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DragonFable OC by RaindropLily DragonFable OC by RaindropLily
This is an OC for a DragonFable love story I'm making here is her info:

Name: Unique

Age: 17-19

Height: 5' 11"

Weight: 126 lbs. (Mostly muscle)

Pet: Griffin

Class: Rouge

Personality: strong-willed, tomboy, never gives up, easy to make mad, has a soft spot for small animals and kids, always on guard, can play pranks on others, always training, book worm (Reading books to learn new spells), friendly sometimes (Depends if she trusts you)

Likes: Being alone sometimes, reading spell books, a sunny day, relaxing sometimes, enjoying time with her pet griffin, helping others, beating bad guy butt, training, small animals, her pet griffin, playing with kids

Dislikes: people bossing her around, not able to help others, watching others get hurt, being called weak, dark magic, not being able to use magic

Theme song: (Add later)

Battle song: (add later)

Love song: (add later)

Crush: Rolith

Past: Unique was raised in a small neighborhood with her family. Her parents and her little brother. She was only 11 when her and her brother were kidnapped. Her parents were killed during the kidnapping and the man disappeared into the night with them. They were taken to a cave adn thrown into a cage staying there hardly getting anything to eat. 2 weeks after being trapped the man let Unique out and disappeared with her for the rest of the day. When they came back she was never the same. She had been raped and 9 months later she had given birth to a little girl that was never named. Unique loved her like a little sister until she got older and she started to act more like a mom to her. She has never forgotten that day but she is still trapped in the cage with her daughter and her little brother. She wishes she could just find a way out. That is until one day she was let out and the man started to order her to start going out and killing others for his dirty work. She didn't want to but she feared that if she didn't he would kill all the family that she had left. She wishes there was someone that could help them. That is until one day she met Rolith and Junn. They helped her escape with her brother and her daughter. Now she lives at the castle with them. Look out for her new family.
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